Project Details

Project Administrator: RTC of Southern Nevada

Prime Contractor: Las Vegas Paving

Lead Engineer: CA Group

The project will take place in two separate but simultaneous phases. 

Phase I – the 2.5-mile section from I-515 to US 95, administered by Nevada Department of Transportation; and 

Phase II - the 12.5-mile section from US 93/95 to the Boulder Dam Bypass, administered by the Regional Transportation Commission. (Please see map below.)

Funding Breakdown

NDOT Phase 1: $83 million

$68 million (Federal)

$10 million (RTC/FRI)

$5 million (State Funds)

RTC Phase 2: $235 million

$181.2 million (Federal)

$53.8 million (FRI)

Total Project Cost: $318 million